Lazy Daisy
(Introducción en "Los clásicos de Les Luthiers" en inglés)

Ficha de la versión 
Obra Lazy Daisy

Introducción en "Los clásicos de Les Luthiers" en inglés
Fecha Domingo, 2 de noviembre de 1980

Marcos Mundstock:

Raymond Drinkstein had a twin brother, who bore him an astonishing resemblance. His name was Harold and he had lived since infancy in New York. The Drinkstein twins knew very little about each other. The composer had only heard that Harold belonged to the Maffia and Harold had only heard his brother's music. As a result, both of them were highly indignant.

Having decided to effect a reconciliation, Raymon boarded a ship for New York. As the vessel was entering harbor, he commented to the captain, while leaning on the deck: "I would have never imagined New York to be like this." "You're right, sir" answered the captain. "We're getting to Gibraltar."

At last the Drinkstein twins did meet. They recognized each other instantly. The resemblance was so remarkable that during Raymond's entire stay, Harold's bodyguards didn't know whom to protect, Harold's butler didn't know whome to serve, and Harold's wife didn't know... a word of French.

Harold Drinkstein ran a sleazy joint, housing a clandestine strip show, a gambling-den, and an illegal booking parlor. But in actual fact his establishment was only a front used to mask the real source of his fabulous income: hidden at the back was a grocery store.

Raymond Drinkstein composed several music-hall pieces which first saw the light - of night - at his brother Harold's speakeasy. Let's hear one of these, which goes by the name of "Lazy Daisy".