Concierto de Mpkstroff
(Espectáculo "Los clásicos de Les Luthiers" en inglés)

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Obra Concierto de Mpkstroff

Espectáculo "Los clásicos de Les Luthiers" en inglés
Fecha Domingo, 2 de noviembre de 1980

Marcos Mundstock:

We shall now conclude this recital by Les Luthiers with the concerto for piano and orchestra opus 57, in B sharp flat ... B flat ... B sharp, flatly assigned by musicologists to the pen of the Slavic composer Sergei Dimitri Mpkstroff.

The concerto for piano and orchestra by ... by this composer starts with a timpani roll which symbolizes the irreversibility of human destinies. The entry of the brassed, which follows, suggests that actually, nothing is irreversible ... least of all human destinies. This seeming contradiction leads to the entry of the soloist, who executes a series of descending arpeggios with which the author attempts to represent man's defenselessness ... and fails.

While the clarinet executes an elaborate counterpoint, the soloist attacks the main theme (wich comes out of it without a scratch). A slow adagio follows the main theme. Naturally, it never catches up. Next comes the movement which poses the greatests difficulties to the pianist, who must play it with his hands crossed over the keyboard, with the following notation by the author: "Allegro pericoloso; keep right when crossing". Finally, towards the close ... the concerto ends.

We conclude the present recital with the concerto for piano and orchestra by Sergei Dimitri Mpkstroff. But first, before ending this commentary, a couple of words regarding tonight's soloist: He ... studied.